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She's modern, minimal, and contemporary. The Ghostlight ShowIt website template was designed specifically for actors drawn to simplicity (with a bit of an artful edge) and is perfect for the artist or multihyphenate looking to level up their online presence.

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Designed to help you           worrying about your website and             learning that callback material.



Imagine feeling so confident about your website that you want to share it with everyone you know (and want to know). From casting, to clients, to your neighborhood barista… we’re talking literally everyone.

The Actor's Collection website templates were designed specifically for both artists and multi-hyphenates to finally have a website they are proud to show off. Minus the tears & uncertainty, of course.

✓ no coding required
✓ 100% customizable
✓ drag-and-drop
✓ easy domain transfer
✓ how-to videos

✓ 4 main core "actor" pages for both desktop and mobile—Home, About, Media, and Contact 

✓ 2 different Homepage and About page options to choose from and mix/match

✓ Guided copywriting sections that tell you what to say and where

✓ Intentionally and thoughtfully curated to be simplistic enough for casting directors to navigate with ease— while also being as artsy, modern, and minimal as you

✓ A service page perfect for vocal coaches, fitness coaches, photographers, social media managers, producers, or other creative professionals 

✓ Blog page perfect for writers, bloggers, and podcasters

✓ Easily choose which pages to use and not use (or use later!)

✓ Custom "link in bio" page so that you can ditch Linktree forever

✓ Single video template page—a hidden page designed so that you can send casting your video directly on your website, instead of an unlisted Youtube link (unless they specify, of course)

✓ 404 Error Page—so that in case someone clicks a broken link, they'll be greeted with an on-brand message and a button to Go Home

✓ Learn how to use ShowIt and start working on your template

✓ Learn how to choose the best colors and fonts to fit your actor brand

✓ Choose which pages you're going to use and watch videos pertaining to each page

✓ Easily set up your domain & launch

Bonus: Get access to my Build Your Own Brand workshop, which gives you all the secrets to defining your vision

how it works


how does it work?

purchase your template

Let's make this official! Once you purchase your template, you'll receive a personalized Template Share Key that will allow you to start working in ShowIt. 

watch the how-to videos

Before you start customizing, watch the introduction videos. I created these to make your template customization journey as easy as possible. (And I hope they're kinda fun, too.)

customize fonts & colors

Next, you'll choose new fonts and colors (whatever feels aligned for you). A new color palette and type suite can make a template feel like a whole different website! 

upload your content

Then, you'll upload your brand photography & copy and replace it in the designated areas. (Or you can move these things around to your liking, too.)

connect your domain & launch!

Finally, it's time to connect your domain! I'll show you exactly how to do it, but the ShowIt team is also available M-F, and they have the best customer support in the biz. 

So easy to customize, you'll be like... 

"Really? That's... it?"

no coding knowledge needed

100% customizable to you

drag and drop
website platform

how-to videos to guide you

raving reviews

"I have never had a cooler website than I do now.

Building my website was fun and easy. Sarah's step-by-step video guides made the process seamless. Her templates are the perfect blend of using one's own creative instincts and being assisted by someone who really gets it. I walked away from the experience with a deeper understanding of web design and marketing, and some serious creative fulfillment. I could not recommend them more. "


"I can't believe how freaking confident I feel about my website now!"

This template fit my brand materials perfectly, and I was shocked at how easy ShowIt is to use. Say goodbye to Squarespace, cuz it could never. I am so, so excited for my dream clients to land on my site now and feel like it truly represents me."

whit radacina, biz systems strategist 

Frequently Asked Questions

These templates will only work on ShowIt, which is the greatest website design platform ever! (And if you're already on Squarespace, Wix, or any other hosting platform, you can easily transfer over.) I love ShowIt because the creative freedom is unmatched, it's completely drag-and-drop, you have full control over the mobile design, and it's super user friendly. Not to mention, the customer service is STELLAR.

You can change everything. From the fonts, to the colors, to the images (and the shapes of them), to the layout, page order, text, navigation, etc! And don't worry, I'll show you exactly how. :)

You will need to purchase a domain name (if you don't already have one) and a ShowIt membership. The basic plan will work fine for most actors, but if you want to use the blog, you will have to get the medium-tier subscription.

For best results, I also encourage everyone to get a brand/lifestyle photoshoot (if you don't already have one). If you're NY based, check out my resources page for a list of my fave NYC photographers.

Hell yeah, I'd love to! Check out my template customization service and send me an inquiry on the contact page.

If you can figure out how to make a profile on Actor's Access (and keep it updated), I am positive you can figure out ShowIt! That said, you should be prepared to spend the time going through my how-to videos. They're as quick as they can be, I promise.

If you have a quick question, feel free to email me. Or you can book a 30-minute tech call with me and I can help you troubleshoot and solve any problems that arise!

You absolutely can, especially if you're in the arts world. However, keep in mind that the Actor Collection templates were built specifically with casting directors in mind, which is a whole other ball game from selling to clients and customers. 

So, if you're a service-based business owner or something else entrepreneurial, I'd suggest checking out my service-based business templates (coming very soon) instead. Or, let's chat about customizing one of these to work for your biz!

No time for DIY?

Let me customize for you.

If designing your own website (even with the help of a template) sounds like your personal hell, I'd love to help you customize one! Together, we can get your site up and running in no time.

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Need help DIY-ing?

Stuck somewhere? Have a few questions? Want to work it out together? Book a Tech Call—we can get your problem figured out in 45 minutes or less.

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A website so         , you'll be saying...

"I have been chaaaaaanged.... for good."

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showit template for actors

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