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Put your design to-do list
with a  VIP Day.

Need to make changes to your website? SEO keyword research? Flodesk welcome sequence design? Social media templates? Something else? I gotcha.

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Small projects like yours don't need


check it off your list, fast


Working with a designer on a full-blown custom brand or web design project is one thing, but spending weeks and weeks revising smaller projects like extra pages, social templates, email sequences, and other design or tech-y stuff?

So unnecessary! 

With my VIP Day services, you and I can get that stuff off your plate in 8 hours—for real. 

i need this

project ideas include

sales page

showit website maintenance

small template customization


social media
template design

SEO Keyword research


embedded widgets or customized css

freebie, ebook or worksheet design

search engine optimization

analytics & domain setup

other pretty
marketing collateral

client love

Kleist changed my entire world thanks to her



She made my company’s mission statement her mission statement by creating a clean, clear and innovative aesthetic. Thank you Sarah for taking my brand’s vision and creating an entire enterprise.

danny marin, producer

marketing materials.

this sounds dreamy. gimme the prices!

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A typical VIP Day process looks like... 


We'll chat about everything on your design to-do list and finalize a list of tasks to tackle. 

contract & invoice

Once we've got everything squared away and I'm confident that VIP Day is the solution for you, you'll sign the contract and pay your first installment!


I'll send you a personalized VIP Day onboarding checklist & questionnaire of everything I need from you before we get started!

vip day!

Depending on the project, we'll hop on a zoom call in the morning of. If not, I'll dive straight into the work! We'll reconvene in the afternoon for final revisions and exporting any final files :)

i'm ready!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The biggest difference between the VIP Day service and any of my other packages is that the VIP Day is designed for us to provide each other concepts and feedback in real time. (That's how the magic happens.) This doesn't mean you have to be glued to your phone or computer for 8 straight hours, but you definitely do need to be available.

I'm pretty damn good at project management, so if I put it on the list, I'm sure to get it done! However, in the rare case that I bite off more than I can chew, I'll finish up the rest of the discussed tasks within the week at no extra charge. Note: this only applies if I overpromise and underdeliver. It does not apply if you fail to provide necessary materials or feedback within a timely manner. In that case, you can simply book another VIP Day and we can finish then!

Reach out! I'd love to hear what you have in mind—fair warning, if your project is heavy on the writing side, you might be better off booking my business bestie, Between the Lines Copywriting instead. She also has a VIP Day service called the BTL Library Card, so if it's copy or content heavy, she'll knock it out of the park.

"Love this, but I need a 

brand & website

if you're thinking....

custom showit website design

get a template customized for you

diy a website template