I believe we all hold inner truths—things we value, envision, worry about, admire, avoid, plan for, and go after. 

But our truths are only as good as how many of them we are willing to shine a light on and, ultimately, learn from together

This belief is why I love to act and sing. 

So in the spirit of shining a light, here are some of my truths:

    • Creativity is the remedy to destruction.

    • I am an advocate of taking the non-traditional route. If there’s a different way to do something, or an unconventional story to tell, or a prettier back road to drive down, you’ll find me doing that.

    • Additional to the actor hustle, I love to make things. Videos, occasional blog posts, weird electronica covers of Broadway tunes, you name it. You can find some of those things here, on my website.

If you think any of my truths might be complimentary to yours, let’s connect