sundance / music video / peggy lee (november update)

Happy November! This year has just flown. Here are some exciting bits of news:


In 2017, I appeared as a principal dayplayer in Adam, a feature film about an awkward teen who gets catapulted into NYC’s gay and trans activist scene. The feature will now be premiering at Sundance Film Festival! (This is particularly exciting because this was my first principal film credit ever, and I’m so excited to see this project do so well!)


And if you’ve known me since 2017, you’ve seen my pop/EDM cover of Mama Who Bore Me from Spring Awakening. This year, with the help of Jeff Daye and Lloyd Kikoler (because who else?), I’m releasing another pop/EDM cover of a showtune (it’s a surprise!), with a video directed by Bobby Godas, shot by Luke Norton, choreographed by Gene Biscontini and featuring Danny Marin and eight fierce AF dancers. My excitement for this project is honestly unparalleled. 


I’ll be singing in a Peggy Lee tribute concert on December 15th at The Green Room 42 alongside Tony-Nominee Alison Fraser and Grammy winner Tim Young. I am thrilled to be working on a project so out of my comfort zone—thanks Blake Allen! (If you don’t know her, Peggy Lee was an actress and jazz singer most prolific in the 40’s and 50’s. She even covered the 1921 song “Ain’t We Got Fun” on her 1959 album, which my Great Grandma Pearl used to sing to me all the time.) 

I have a few more (writing, acting, singing, video!) projects coming down the pipeline soon that I don’t want to jinx—but wow, this year (in general) has been so creatively fulfilling, and I can’t believe it’s coming to a close in less than a month.