february just flew!

Oh hey internet!

Since I last updated, I’ve been running all over Midtown doing that audition season hustle. Between monitoring class at The Growing Studio, filming self-tapes, and spending too many hours between 35th and 38th St, I can barely hear myself think right now. (But no complaints—I am feeling more grateful than ever to be in so many rooms where it happens. Ha, ha, ha…)

At the end of January, I made a video of Demi Lovato’s SKYSCRAPER with a new arrangement by Lloyd Kikoler. You can watch it here, or on my videos page.

I also sang in a Valentine’s Day cabaret, SWIPE RIGHT, at The Laurie Beechman Theatre (music directed by Nick Wilders). A grand old (drunken) time was had by all.

The last big update is that I finally got myself a video studio: complete with proper lighting and backdrops. This means I’ll be able to make much more (higher quality) music content and self-tapes from my apartment. Let’s go 2019!

That’s it from me this time; manifesting some big news soon!